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Main Types of Wash-basins Used in Bathrooms

Bathrooms and tubs have a great way of relaxing and refreshing someone especially after a hard or busy day after work. Upgrading the old or regular wash-basins with sophisticated or stylish ones is one of the effective ways of adding elegance to the bathroom.

There are many styles and designs of these units that you can choose from. They are well-designed to match the different styles if the modern bathrooms. You should choose those units that match the interior design or style of your rooms. Ideally, you should choose a unit that reflects your style and personality.

Wall-mounted ceramic wash-basins

These are the most popular types of wash-basins on the current market. Even if they are slightly expensive, they are easy to install. They can be attached easily to the bathroom’s walls. They do not require a counter or separate table o hold them. They come in different shapes and styles. The elegant designs have a high price. Most of them have a white colour.wall mounted basins

Coloured ceramic wash-basins

They are almost similar to the table-mounted and wall-mounted basins. The only difference is that they come in various colours. Some of them have a combination of patterns and colours while others have a single colour. Homeowners having powder bathrooms mainly use them. The attractive and bright basins widely used in the dining areas and kid’s bathrooms.

Table-mounted ceramic basins

These are other common units used in the modern bathrooms. They also come in different sizes and shapes. They can be installed easily in your rooms. They are mounted on a sturdy counter. The basin is placed on top of the counter. The counters used are mainly made of metal, wood, granite, and marble. Most of these units are white. They are known for creating a modern and luxurious look. They are suited for various bathroom styles.

Wooden wash basins

They are made using hardwoods such as bamboo. The wood used is compressed using intense heat and pressure to create a classic or unique design. Once the process is complete, a layer or varnish or resin is applied to this unit to prevent water from getting in the wood when the hands are being washed. These units are waterproof, and they can be mounted easily on the table.

Resin wash basin

An innovative material is used in making these basins. This is a material that combines colour, transparency, and lightness. These units are highly resistant to wear and scratch. They come in three different colours- sky blue, crystal purple and wine red. You can use them to give your rooms an innovative and a unique look.

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