There are many methods that are used in controlling pests including the use of chemicals. The chemicals used in controlling these creatures are known as pesticides. Exposure to these chemicals is linked with many health conditions such as childhood leukemia. Most of the household products used in controlling pests are made using dangerous chemicals.

These products can also contaminate the vegetables and fruits that you consume. People have been using them for many centuries to prevent their harvest from being destroyed by pests. Continued use of these chemicals can permeate water and soil.

Other health issues that are associated with the include birth defects, nervous disorders, autism, and cancer. The use of these products in the garden should be controlled or minimized. Many people have been using them because they do not know the other options which are safe. Described here below are the proven natural methods of controlling pests without the using the harmful chemicals.


This is an effective natural pest repellent product. Its drops are added in water and then sprayed on the plant. You can also grow it in your garden to eliminate pests.peppermint

Watering pattern

Frequent watering of the garden plants is known for encouraging the growth of fungal. Over watering can also create a favourable environment where pets can breed. The amount of water applied should be determined by the local climate. You should make an effort of learning the best watering practices in your local area.

Diatomaceous earth

This product is available at the local garden stores. It is effective in getting rid of some types of pests. This soil is safe for humans. It contains microscopic elements that prevent insects from reproducing.

Controlling pest at home

These are the pests that live in your home. They include cockroaches and bugs. You should avoid spraying your home with the dangerous chemicals. The following are some of the effective and safe methods that you should try to get rid of these pests.


Its solution can be sprayed inside your home. It is mainly used in spraying the baseboards to control bugs. Peppermint tea bags can also be placed near the entry point of your house or in those areas where you find active ants.

Soapy water

This involves adding some soap in a spray bottle. Soap is used in suffocating certain types of pest or insets without harming your family.soapy water

Boric acid

This acid is effective in controlling cockroaches. It should be kept in safe place because it is dangerous to children and pets. It should be used in those areas that cannot be reached easily like on the top of your kitchen cabinets.